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Brides Survival Kit

Price: $29.99

Introducing "The Bride's Survival Kit" by PurseNurse

"The Bride's Survival Kit" is a must have for every Bride on her special day!! Terrible headache...broken zipper on her dress...bad breath?? No problem...We have the Bride covered!!  Each kit is hand made  in the USA  with a beautiful satin material  and exquisite lace trim.  This kit includes a 22 piece first aid kit (Gauze, Bandages, Antibiotic Ointment, Sting and Bite wipes, Cleansing Wipes, Burn Cream, and Acetaminophen), A Sewing Kit ( needles, thread, thimble, mini scissors, safety pins, buttons and more), and a Freshen Up Kit that is complete with travel toothbrush and toothpaste, breath mints and bobby pins.

**Want to make sure the entire Bridal Party is covered? Check out "PurseNurse" and "ManDown". A perfect Bridal Party gift to make sure everyone is covered for that special day!

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